OJO Polymer Tank

Warranty : 5 Years

Capacity : 500 Litres, 1000 Litres

Capacity 500 Litres 500 Litres 1000 Litres 1000 Litres
Puff Thickness 55 mm 80 mm 55 mm 80 mm
Tank Diameter 990 mm 1040 mm 1220 mm 1270 mm
Tank Height 1025 mm 1075 mm 1275 mm 1325 mm
Approx Weight ~22 kg ~25 kg ~35 kg ~38 kg

All season product

Ease of logistics

All water products

Ease of Installations

Corrosion free

Safe product

Quality raw material

Pocket friendly

Innovative product

  • Most of the overhead tanks today are made from plastic/polymer exposed to the external weather.
  • India is a tropical country and there are states where the summers or winters or both are very extreme.
  • The tank being exposed to the external harsh temperature the water inside the tank is normally at the same temperature of the outer atmosphere which is a big discomfort. For example, in Chennai the temperature in the tank will be over 40 degrees in summer while in North India it will be almost at freezing temperature.
  • The plastic/polymer tanks are exposed to the UV rays and tend to get brittle over the period.
  • To overcome this, Empul has invented the polymer puff tank which provides you comfort. The water inside the tank remains within 5 degrees of the filled temperature. For example: if the water temperature filled is 20 degrees the water inside the tank will be around 15 - 25 degrees depending upon the external temperature.
  • The product is tested at an extreme temperature of -16 deg for performance.
  • Empul Polymer tanks are never exposed to the UV and hence have a long life.
  • The layered tank has thin layers of insulating material. Where the water in the other tanks is generally 5 degrees less than the atmosphere, Empul Polymer keeps water temperature within 5 degrees of the filled water temperature.
  • The Empul Polymer tank comes with varied thickness of Puff 50, 75 or 100 mm based on the external atmosphere.
  • An aluminium reflector is generally suitable for a hot climate with the downside that it only reflects light but not enough heat. Also, it creates a glare with poor aesthetics. This solution is not suitable in wintertime.
  • The white or other colour tanks are also limited in function with not reflecting enough heat, creating poor aesthetics and also not viable for the cold season.
  • Keeping a tank in a shelter is an expensive proposition as one needs to create a shed on the terrace where the aesthetic is also compromised. A closed shed makes the inner space hot and that is enough to heat the water in tanks.
  • All these shortcomings are overcome by Empul Polymer. The tank is insulated with Puff and is covered with Pre-coated Steel. The cladding sheet reflects the light and puff to avoid heat transfer.
  • The SS Tank is susceptible to corrosion in hard water or water with hardness more than > 200 ppm. Empul Polymer tank has resistance to any water quality as there is no metal component in it.
  • The SS Tank is very heavy and increases the lifting and transportation costs. The Empul Polymer tanks are light with ease of handling.
  • For the SS Tank installation, a trained installer is generally needed. It is not 'plug and play'. The Empul Polymer tank comes with an in-built inlet, outlet and overflow provision. The only installation needed is to fix the incoming water line and outlet to the tank.
  • The SS Tank has a stand welded to the tank and is highly susceptible to corrosion. The Empul Polymer Tank has a powder-coated MS stand that is separated from the tank.
  • Yes, the material used in making Empul Polymer tank is food grade
  • The material is 100% Virgin polymer with no fillers or metal.
  • Empul Polymer Tanks are one-of-a-kind and launched for the first time in India.
  • The tank solves all the challenges of the existing overhead tank to provide comfort and safety to consumers.
  • It offers the best price to performance in terms of economy.
  • It provides excellent aesthetics and is manufactured with premium quality material.