Ferroli is the Italian multi-national giant of domestic and industrial appliances and consumer durables. Particularly famous for heating, air-conditioning and water heating, the company was founded in 1955 by Dante Ferroli in San Bonifacio, near Verona. Prided for still bearing the values of a family-run business, the company has grown in scale and stature over the last 60 years. With 30 manufacturing plants and business organisations, 6 R&D centres it has a presence in over 100 countries across the globe. With a strong commitment to design innovation, high quality and carbon footprint reduction it has spearheaded several innovative domestic and industrial heating and cooling appliances and high-efficiency renewable products into the marketplace.

Ferroli made an entry into the Indian market with electric water heaters in 2015. With the launch of gas and solar powerbacked products in 2016, it won the hearts of the highly receptive Indian consumer through cutting edge technology and design. The company has focused on custom designs to suit Indian weather conditions and changing consumer preferences. As a policy, the company rides on the value of self-sufficiency where right from end-to-end product design to manufacturing of each component happens in-house. Such high-level control has shown a positive impact on quality and product efficiency.

Catering to the diversity of domestic and commercial heating needs Ferroli boasts of a wide range of products to suit minute specifications from 3 litres to 500 litres. The company has recently added state-of-the-art WiFi technology to its range of water heating appliances that allow operation through a smartphone! Besides, Ferroli water heaters have high quality injected PUF insulation that saves heat energy longer, ensuring significant savings in energy costs. This makes most models of Ferroli have 10% higher efficiency compared to the 5 stars, (the highest) rating standard of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE.

Ferroli, the European multinational giant of domestic and industrial heating, airconditioning and water heating was founded in 1955 by Dante Ferroli in San Bonifacio near Verona, in Italy. Today, nearly six decades later, Ferroli has 30 plants and business organisations, 6 R&D centres and operates in over a 100 countries worldwide.

Classical and current. Timeless and tech-savvy. Our multiple personalities are by design. Ferroli takes pride in mastering the blending of quintessential Italian lineage and emerging technology. Today’s contemporary products come embedded with technology that helps us live smarter. Recognising this, Ferroli products are technologically advanced. Stylishly designed and energy efficient.

Ferroli water heaters have high quality injected PUF insulation which conserves heat longer, resulting in significant savings in energy costs. As a result, most models of Ferroli water heaters have 5 star rating, the highest standard of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE.

All Ferroli water heaters have an aluminium anode which protects the glass lining of the tank and the heating element, giving your water heater a long life. The aluminium anode lasts twice as longer as the conventional magnesium anode which is used by other water heaters in the market.
All Ferroli electric water heater tanks undergo a special, corrosion-proof treatment called the Blue Silicon enamel powder coating process. This treatment uses a hi-tech, electro-static application technique. The subsequent baking in the furnace at 870 ◦C, creates a perfect glass lining on the tank, ensuring a longer life.

‘Blue Forever’ is a new generation of ultra-strong heating elements, created at the Ferroli global R&D centre in San Bonifacio. This patented technology is designed to reduce scaling, increase heating efficiency and prolong the life of the heating element significantly. ‘Blue Forever’ is at the heart of all Ferroli electric water heaters available in India.