4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying
A Solar Water Heater

In India, an electric water heater accounts for almost 17-18% of the total electricity that we consume in our house. Families looking to build a more sustainable lifestyle must consider more eco-friendly options to address their hot water needs. Unlike other appliances especially air conditioners, water heaters present a unique and safe option to go green immediately. Investing in a solar water heater is all it takes! With over 300 days of sunshine, India is geographically best suited for converting solar energy into electricity. Further, research proves that the cumulative installations of solar water heaters in the residential sector in India will touch 20.28 million m2 by 2022. With a changing mindset and shift in mindfulness in consumerism, the trend of solar water heater is on an upswing. Yet, like in the case of all consumables, purchasing the right solar water heater needs prudence. Here are the top 4 mistakes to avoid when buying a solar water geyser.

1. Going solo

When it comes to going solar with your water heater it is advisable to look at a collaborative project versus going solo. It is beneficial to have a considerable size of establishment to reap the benefits of a solar water heater. Eg. If you’re looking at installing a solar water heater for your factory premises, office building or a common system for different flats in a building then installing solar water heaters is a good idea. Over time it will aid in substantial monthly savings on power and ensure quick recovery of capital cost.

2. Selection based on lowest cost

The cheapest solar water might not be the right product for you in the long run. Cost is a relative term that must include the component of efficiency. A bad quality water geyser may be budget-friendly but have glaring operational inefficiencies like not providing enough hot water for everyone. It loses the whole purpose of installation. One must pay heed to the big and small factors while making the final purchase. Some of them include - the source of water, the capacity of the tank, plumbing and installation costs.

3. A single-minded focus on the unit

While selecting a solar water heater consumers commonly focus only on the gadget, overlooking the service part of the product; installation and after-sales. Apart from being an expensive commodity solar water heaters need expertise and proficiency in proper installations. Solar panels must be oriented correctly for optimal functioning of the solar pumping system. Besides, the ideal location of the panels must be pre-determined keeping in mind the geographical location of the area. Such decisions are technical and need the assistance of an expert. Getting the right and the reputed team helps saves money. So, customers must consider the service aspect as important when making a final selection.

4. Preparation & Planning is not needed

Installing a solar water heater and ensuring optimum output needs proper planning and preparation. Simply selecting a good branded unit is no guarantee to solve your hot water needs and ensure low utility bills. Customers must focus on the type of storage tank and plumbing requisites needed before making a purchase. These factors add to the capital cost of going solar. The tank needs to suffice the capacity of the water heater and should be able to withstand and retain the solar heat. In the case of plumbing, there should be a provision for two-way piping works one for hot water and another for cold. Hasty decisions without thought and homework often backfire or add to overall costs.

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