Top 5 Benefits of installing Solar Water Heaters

The idea of feeling fresh has been strongly associated with taking a bath. We as Indian love the idea of a warm bath to kick start the day and to end one after a long hectic day. No wonder, water heaters account for 17% of a typical home’s energy use in the country.

Although average households employ several different methods of heating water such as boiling, immersion heating rod, solar water gas water heaters, and electric water heaters there is a strong swing towards sustainability favoring solar water heaters. Considering the average family size in India is large going solar makes more financial sense in the long run.

Here are the top 5 benefits of installing a solar water heater in your house this summer

1. Savings each month

A solar water heater can suffice 80% of your hot water needs. This allows you substantial savings on your electricity bills each month. Moreover, the capital cost of installing a solar hot water system can be recovered in just 4-8 years depending upon usage and has a life expectancy of about 40 years. A simple equation puts things into perspective.

Fitting a solar water heater = Free energy in abundance + Lots of savings.

2. Safe & Hassle free

Faulty electric water heaters can prove dangerous and cause shocks while in the shower resulting in fatal consequences. On the other hand, solar water heaters are shock-proof and guarantee 100% safety under all conditions.

3. Environmental friendly

Solar water heater is a renewable technology that heats water using free sunlight. It is completely pollution-free, unlike other nonrenewable sources like fossil fuels which produce a large amount of carbon dioxide compromising the breathing layer of the environment. Besides, it curtails the greenhouse effect and keeps check on global warming in the long run.

4. Low maintenance

A solar water heater is low maintenance. Periodic cleaning is enough to keep it in good working condition for years to come. With no moving parts, the risk of breakdown or repairing is minimal. Besides, the cost for one-time installation is also negligible making it an ideal long-term sustainable water heating solution for the whole family.

5. Attitude Builder

Research proves that families that invest in solar water heating appliances are more resourceful and mindful about financial planning and caring for the environment. They develop the ability to solving problems in the long run.

To enjoy the maximum benefits of a solar water heater it is best advised to consider professional installation. Renowned experts and installers make home visits to study the terrace and offer advice on the best configuration system and installation practices. Factors like shading and weather changes are also taken into consideration that might impact optimal performance and efficiency. Besides, there is a possibility of combining water heating elements with photovoltaic systems and eventually contribute to a high degree of energy efficiency. is a "One-stop for water heating solutions" in India. Offering the biggest range of solar water heaters from the best brands of the country we pride ourselves in serving our domestic and industrial clients to 100% satisfaction. Genuine consultation, free installation and prompt after-sales service guaranteed all over India!