4 Signs You Need to Start Shopping for a New Water Heater

Hot water has been important to humanity since time immemorial. Ancient civilizations had public communal for heated baths which are still in use today. Unfortunately, water heaters tend to be among the most taken-for-granted home appliances the world over. Despite the importance, they play in our lives especially during the winters for several household chores water heaters are largely overlooked by people. Just like other gadgets timely care and maintenance is needed for the proper functioning of water geysers installed in kitchens or bathrooms else they can succumb to many common problems causing complete failure. And then, one morning out of the blue as you wake up looking forward to a warm bath to get the day started you’re in for a rude shock! Orange Water tells you to look out for the top 4 signs you need to start shopping for a new water heater.

1. Sunset years

In case you cannot recall when you bought your water heater, it’s perhaps old enough to have outlived its life. You can still look up the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker and know the manufacturing date. Yet, as a thumb rule, the average life expectancy of a quality storage type water heater is between 7 to 10 years. This may vary depending on several factors like quality of water and salt content in the area. Besides, like all electronic items, there is an element of wear and tear associated with daily use that results in reduced performance over time. To avoid higher energy bills and maintenance costs it's best to replace your electric water heater.

2. Less supply of hot water

Despite its large capacity is your water heater giving you less hot water? Here is a time to probe for the fault. Hard water is the main and most obvious reason that results in poor performance and loss of efficiency in the water heater. The sedimentation and mineral deposits adversely affect the heating elements in the gadget and slowly prevent efficient heating of water leading to considerably reduced water supply. So, in case your water heater is struggling to meet the hot water needs of your family, it’s probably a sign that the water heater needs a replacement.

3. Whirring Noise

Accumulation of sediments at the base of the water heater can result in other problems too. Each time the water heater is turned on, the sediments heat up and harden over time. Eventually, they start banging against the sides of the unit causing an unpleasant rumbling and whirring noise. If ignored, this can cause cracks or holes in the unit resulting in massive leakage and complete breakdown.

4. Whirring Noise

If you notice that the hot water coming out of your plumbing fixtures is brown or rusty, there is a possibility of internal corrosion of the water heater. This problem if not tended to will aggravate over time and cause leakage in the water heater. Water leaks can greatly inflate your utility bills. Small and undetectable leaks in the boiler and even in the insulation layer can cause loss of steam and moisture build-up, which can cause harm to sensitive electronics and rusting of metal components in the vicinity. Such a situation calls for immediate action and often replacement of the water heater is the right decision to make.

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