14 Fun facts of a Water Heater

In old civilizations, there was no trace of water heaters. Water was heated using a stove or big pots and later shifted into buckets for usage. Thankfully, we live in an area where hot water is at our disposal quickly and effortlessly. All thanks to the little unsung hero of a gadget, your water heater. With over 80 years of cumulative experience in installation, service and maintenance of all types of variants we at www.orangewater.in lists some interesting facts and trivia about water heaters that we bet you didn’t know of.

1. A simple chore like heating water contributes from 18-25% of the energy consumption in your home.

2. The life expectancy of a tankless water heater is about 18-20 years while a tank water heater lasts up to 10-12 years.

3. At some point in time water heaters were called Multipoint Geysers in England and Instantaneous Hot Water Units in New Zealand.

4. In 1868 an Englishman created the very first water heater. He heated cold water by flowing it through pipes that were bared to a burner of hot gas. This resulted in hot water flowing into a tub.

5. As per an article carried by The Economic Times in 2019 - Indian households spend over Rs 1,164 crore on purchasing electric water heaters over one year.

6. Indian consumers prefer storage water heaters over the instant type with every seven out of ten units sold was the storage type.

7. 90% of water heaters sold in India were either rated four or five star in energy efficiency reflecting Indian consumers have evolves as conscious about saving energy and electricity cost.

8. In the early 1900s being a water heater manufacturer was a rage with over 150 manufacturers competing for numero uno position. Today, there are fewer brands that have sustained the tides of technology and innovation.

9. Naturally, that water that enters your home flowing through pipes is at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

10. By selecting a high-efficiency water heater over a standard water heater, you can save on energy bills by 10-50 per cent.

11. Water heaters can be dangerous too. They can cause third-degree burns to human skin in less than five seconds once in contact with water that’s 60 degrees Celsius or higher. Further, faulty electric water heaters can give us shocks while in the shower sometimes with fatal consequences.

12. In India, 43% of annual sales of water heater happens in the last trimester of the year between October to December.

13. There is a regional wise product preference when it comes to water heaters. North India prefers water heaters with a 25-litre capacity, while south and East India prefer the smaller 15-litre sized electric water heaters.

14. In India, solar water heaters are becoming an effective alternative to the electric geyser, with 300 sunny days in a year in most parts of the country.